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Top Wedding Arch Floral Styles for 2023

Updated: Jun 12

Are you stuck trying to put your floral vision into words? We are breaking down the different types of wedding arch florals to help you bring your wedding arch floral vision to life!

Floral arrangements for wedding arches can add a stunning and romantic touch to the ceremony backdrop. There are several types of floral arrangements you can consider, depending on your wedding theme, color scheme, personal preferences, and overall floral budget. Here are some popular options:

Full Coverage Arch Florals: Full coverage arches are large statement pieces with abundant florals covering the entire surface of the arch.

Classic Floral Garland: A traditional choice, this involves draping a garland of flowers along the length of the wedding arch. You can use a single type of flower or a mix of complementary blooms to create a lush and elegant look. Some couples choose to add chiffon fabric draping to the frame of the arch first and drape the garland on top of and in front of the fabric for a soft and ethereal aesthetic.

Cascading Flowers: Cascading

arrangements feature flowers that hang down in a waterfall-like manner from the top of the arch. This creates a romantic and ethereal effect, especially if the arch is placed outdoors or in a garden setting.

Asymmetrical Floral Pieces: A popular choice in weddings is to incorporate two or three medium sized floral arrangements and have your florist arrange them in an asymmetrical pattern to add an elegant touch to an arch frame. Floral arrangements like this look beautiful on chuppahs, traditional rectangular arches, hexagon arches, and triangle arches.

Minimalist Greenery: If you prefer a more understated look, consider using various types of greenery, such as eucalyptus, ivy, or ferns. Greenery can be beautifully complemented by a few strategically placed blooms for a chic and modern feel.

Hanging Floral Installations: For a unique touch, you can hang individual floral arrangements or clusters from the arch's frame. This creates a three-dimensional effect and adds visual interest to the backdrop.

Themed Arrangements: Tailor the floral arrangements to match your wedding theme. For example, if you're having a beach wedding, incorporate seashells and tropical blooms. For a rustic wedding, use wildflowers and natural elements.

Oversized Blooms: Using large, statement blooms like peonies, roses, or dahlias can create a dramatic and impactful look. These focal flowers can be strategically placed along the arch for a luxurious feel.

Color-Coordinated Arrangements: Choose flowers that match your wedding color palette for a cohesive look. You can create ombré effects, gradient arrangements, or bold contrasts.

Seasonal Blooms: Select flowers that are in season during your wedding for a fresh and natural feel. Seasonal flowers are often more readily available and can be more budget-friendly. Work with a local floral designer to determine what types of blooms will be in season during your wedding and be open to incorporating additional blooms that you may not have heard of before.

Symbolic Arrangements: Incorporate flowers that hold personal or cultural significance. You could use flowers that have meanings associated with love, unity, or prosperity.

Mixed Textures: Combine different types of flowers and greenery with various textures to create a visually interesting and dynamic arrangement. This can add depth and complexity to the arch design. Incorporating items such as palm leaves, pampas grass, feathers, fruits, berries, and a variety of other textures bring vibrancy and movement to the overall design.

Floating Blooms: Attach flowers to transparent strings or fishing line and suspend them from the arch to create a floating effect. This can be particularly enchanting for outdoor or garden weddings.

Geometric Arrangements: For a modern twist, combine floral elements with geometric shapes, such as hexagons or triangles. This creates a contemporary and stylish look. You can accomplish this look by starting with a non-traditional arch shape and adding statement florals to the arch to accentuate its overall design.

Grounded Floral Arch/Floral Meadow: This is one of the hottest floral trends for 2023 weddings. Many couples are ditching the look of a traditional arch and opting for a ground floral installation that surrounds them. This can be accomplished with multiple large floral spray arrangements arranged in a semi-circle that the bride and groom stand in front of.

Floral Pillars: If an arch is not your style, you might consider floral pillars. Floral pillars range in size and shape. You can choose to incorporate straight floral pillars, crescent shaped, or asymmetrical pillar heights to add drama and definition to your ceremony space. Floral pillars allow for increased creativity in design and adding multiple floral pillars creates added depth to your ceremony space.

When choosing a floral arrangement for your wedding arch, it's important to consider your overall wedding theme, location, and personal style. Consulting with a professional florist can help you bring your vision to life and create a stunning backdrop for your special day.


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