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The Best Time of Year to Get Married in San Diego

As a wedding planner I get asked all the time if there is a perfect time to get married in San Diego and the answer is, the weather is practically perfect year round. The best time of year to get married in San Diego really depends on your personal preference and the venue type you’re looking for with so many different indoor and outdoor venues to choose from couples from around the world seek out San Diego for their wedding.

Spring (March - May) is probably the most popular time to get married in San Diego. The weather is mild and the flowers are in bloom, making it a great time for outdoor weddings. As this is the busy season, you may also see higher costs and limited availability at some venues.

Summer (June - August) is a popular choice, especially for beach weddings. The weather is typically warm and sunny, although it can be quite hot, especially in August. This is the most popular time for tourist travel. You may run into limited hotel availability or higher room rates for out of town guests. Please keep in mind that some beach locations have limitations on securing permits for a beach wedding, so keep this in mind when making your plans.

Fall (September - November) is a GREAT time to get married in San Diego. With the mild Fall weather making San Diego a beautiful destination for couples from near and far, wedding dates book up quickly so find your venue and lock it in. You will love getting married in San Diego in Fall!

Winter (December - February) is off-peak wedding season in San Diego and and can be a great time to get married in San Diego and can result in some cost savings for your ideal venue. You may encounter chilly evening temperatures, but including some cute light weight blankets or outdoor heaters will keep guests comfortable enough to enjoy an evening of celebrating.

It's also important to consider any events or holidays that may be happening in San Diego during the time you're considering. For example, during the summer San Diego Comic-Con is held and it can be much harder to find lodging and venues so keep these events in mind when planning your wedding date.

Overall, it's best to decide what type of weather and venue you prefer, and what's most important for your wedding day. San Diego's weather is generally mild throughout the year, so any season can be a great time to get married.


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