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10 Best Green & Blue Wedding Theme Ideas

Green and blue form a versatile wedding theme, perfect for any season or setting, whether it's a serene garden ceremony or an elegant ballroom affair. Green symbolizes nature and embodies growth, harmony, and freshness. Meanwhile, blue represents tranquility and balance. Together, they create a beautiful theme that elevates your special day!

Considering incorporating these colors into your wedding? Find inspiration with these 10 green and blue wedding theme ideas.

1. Deep Blue and Emerald

Ideal for couples who dream of a wedding by the sea, this vibrant combination captures the spirit of the ocean. Think decorations of seashells, driftwood, and perhaps a ceremony with the sound of waves in the background. Beach clubs or coastal venues are perfect to make this theme come alive.

2. Sage Green and Dusty Blue

Think light, airy, and oh-so-spring with sage green and dusty blue for a current and tranquil feel. This pairing captures the freshness of spring and summer with a mature and elegant twist. Ideal for garden settings or green parks, these hues create a calm and inviting atmosphere with floral arches and delicate reception accents. For more inspiration on using sage green in your wedding theme, check out our blog post.

3. Navy and Forest Green

For a wedding that channels a touch of royal charm, this sophisticated color scheme is a winner. Think velvet table runners, golden accents, and lush greenery that feels both majestic and welcoming. Historic venues or elegant ballrooms fit this theme like a glove.

4. Teal and Sage

rustic wedding

If you’re going for a vintage or rustic vibe, teal and sage are your go-to colors. Decorate with touches of lace, weathered wood, and soft, romantic lighting to enhance the nostalgic feel. Barns or historic homes are just the right setting for this quaint and charming theme.

5. Baby Blue and Leaf Green

Beach wedding

This combination has a playful and vibrant essence with a softer, more sophisticated edge. Perfect for outdoor weddings or casual beach settings, the colors blend naturally with festive balloons and bright table settings.

6. Ice Blue and Olive Green

winter wedding

Embrace the serene beauty of winter with ice blue and olive green. Crystal decorations and soft, twinkling lights will give your winter wedding a magical, frosty look. Ski lodges or cozy winter resorts are perfect for hosting this chilly, charming affair.

7. Cerulean and Moss Green

Mediterranean wedding

deal for couples enchanted by the allure of the Mediterranean, this color scheme channels the vibrant blues of the sea and the rich greens of coastal landscapes. Include Mediterranean elements like terracotta pots, olive branches, and white linen. Decorate your venue to mimic a serene coastal retreat—think of settings like a seaside villa or a garden overlooking the ocean. Cerulean and moss green create a sophisticated yet natural atmosphere, perfect for a wedding that feels like a Mediterranean escape.

8. Navy Blue and Seafoam Green

urban wedding vibe

For a sleek and modern look, navy blue and seafoam green. This pairing provides a chic and elegant atmosphere with its deep, rich blue and subtle green. Ideal for urban lofts or contemporary art galleries, these colors add a touch of sophistication to minimalist décor.

9. Sapphire and Pine Green

elegant wedding theme

Channel timeless elegance with sapphire and pine green. Imagine dining under crystal chandeliers with tables adorned in rich, pine-colored linens and sparkling sapphire details. Grand ballrooms or elegant estates are the ideal settings for this luxurious theme.

10. Aquamarine and Chartreuse

tropical wedding

For a lush tropical theme, consider the fresh and elegant pairing of aquamarine and chartreuse. This color scheme captures the vibrant and exotic feel but with a refined twist. Aquamarine brings a soft, water-like tranquility that pairs beautifully with the lively pop of chartreuse, mimicking tropical foliage. Use these colors in your decor with lush palm fronds and bold floral arrangements to create an inviting paradise atmosphere, ideal for destination weddings or vibrant summer celebrations in sun-drenched locales.


Your wedding theme plays a crucial role in setting the ambiance for your special day, reflecting both your personality and your partner's. From playful to elegant, a versatile pairing like green and blue offers endless inspiration, ensuring your wedding feels uniquely yours. 

Planning your wedding should bring you happiness and excitement, but if you're feeling overwhelmed, it might be time to think about bringing in some help. Your wedding theme is the starting point for many decisions ahead. A wedding planner can work with you to choose a theme that truly reflects your style and take care of every little detail, right down to the napkins, so you can focus on enjoying your special day!

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